October 25, 2019

Obscura Qalma - after only 7 month returns to the studio to record the first full-lenght

Less than a year after the publication of the EP “From the Sheol to the Apeiron” the Obscura Qalma are ready to return to the studio for the recordings of the new full-length.

The line-up remains unchanged from the previous EP. Sirius on vocals, guitar and orchestras, Sartorius on lead guitar, Theo on bass and Res on drums in less than 6 months have easily given life to new songs, even more obscure and violent, with a wider orchestral ensemble, suitable to represent the inner core of the band.

The graphic representation of the full-length will again be elaborated by the blackened art of Nestor Avalos (ROTTING CHRIST, HECATE ENTHRONED, BLOODBATH, DARK FUNERAL), who worked on the creation of the artwork “From the Sheol to the Apeiron”.

The mix will be performed by the Domination Studio, recording studio, mix and master of San Marino, which has given life to titles like “Far” (STORMLORD), “Zero Gravity” (T / L RHAPSODY) and “The Battle To Come “(AT THE DAWN).

The new full-length of Obscura Qalma will cover the themes of “From the Sheol to the Apeiron” more extensively, keeping the theme of solipsism as the common thread:

“When I reflect on the common mental representation that I have of reality I am continually overcome by the doubt that what surrounds us is part of us”. Explains the vocalist Sirius: “The relationship between the human being and the reality around him is not clear. It is not even clear how much one influences the other, but one can be absolutely certain that a phenomenon does not coincide with its essence. A theory of the most absolute incommunicability, of the most extreme subjectivism that condemns us to a forcibly solitary existence, is the fruit of the most antithetical sensation to the period in which we are living. We are convinced that we are always in relationship and in contact with people, while, instead, we close our essence more and more in ourselves, self-conditioning ourselves, circumscribing ourselves in an increasingly smaller area. At the same time, the way in which technologies increasingly resemble the human brain is becoming increasingly disturbing and realistic. The prospects of being able to be abandoned in a solitary, self-sufficient and isolated nucleus in the company of one’s own soul, in which only the subject is conscious while the rest is a construct of his, slowly, from psychopathic theory is turning into empriricity. The tautology of the disproof, or not, of this crazy theory has pushed us to keep it as a fundamental theme of our production.”

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