January 23th, 2024

OBSCURA QALMA premier new video for
'Ophidian's Enthronement'

Metal video-Ophidian enthronement-Obscura Qalma Video-Death Metal Explosion

OBSCURA QALMA is proud to share the new song ‘Ophidian’s Enthronement’, premeried through US finest No Clean Singing on January 23rd 2024.

The song and video have been the first the website has premeried in a long time after a 20-days hiatus.
In the words of NCS’s Islander:
From the beginning, Obscura Qalma have done nothing by half measures.
If it is worth doing, they seem to think, it is worth doing in ways a listener can’t possibly overlook, on scales that dwarf the daily scrabbling of human ants and with the kind of power that overwhelms. Their lyrical themes have been equally far from the mundane“.
Some might suspect that what you’ve just read is linguistic hyperbole,
especially if you haven’t yet encountered this band’s heavily orchestrated amalgam of black/death,

but the song we’re presenting today — ‘Ophidian Enthronement’ — should banish any such doubts
(along with any sluggishness that might be afflicting your minds)”

‘Opidian’s Enthronement’ is the first single out of ‘Veils Of trascendence’ EP, out on February 2nd 2024 thought italian metal label Dusktone.

In Obscura Qalma’s own words:
This is a pretty special release for us, since we decided to work on as many different aspects of the EP as possible ourselves. The video has been done 100% by the band, same as the EP cover artwork, which we are now pleased to share below. Mix and master have been handed off once again to our man Simone Mularoni at Domination Studio.

Lyrically inspired by Aleister Crowley’s writings,
‘Veils Of Transcendence’ is a step into the unknown,
the esoteric and beyond.

Visually, Obscura Qalma wanted to communicate the same atmospheres
 through an erratic and fast-paced visualizer, embracing Crowley’s imagery.
Tarots inspired figures, snakes and dystopian human bodies unraveling the veils of transcendence.

The song precedes the release on the EP on february 2nd.
Further details about physical copies and digital links, as well as merch bundles will be available shortly.

You can stream the full album HERE

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