July, 28, 2021


We started writing these songs right after we published our first EP, and even though the Covid-19 pandemic canceled every touring plan for the band,
as well as for everyone else worldwide, it gave us more time to focus on the writing process. It was also the first time we worked almost 100% remotely on our parts, revisions, mix and master. We are extremely satisfied with the result and we can’t sincerely wait to let you all hear it, and we think Rising Nemesis is the best option we could have had to make this album happen.
Born in Germany in 2008, Rising Nemesis Records is an established name in the metal scene. The label has been really active in scouting some of the best death metal, brutal and slam bands around the world.
Carnal Decay, Acranius, Kraanium, Plagueborne, Korpse, Burial In The Sky, Stillbirth, and Within Destruction are just some of the acts that made a name for themselves in the past few years under Rising Nemesis.

Furthermore, we would like to thank our label manager Nasar Skripitskij for the interest he showed in the project and the chance to work together. Also, with international distribution via historical label Season Of Mist and web merch leader IndieMerchstore, we are sure the album will get the exposure it deserves.

The album title, tracklist, cover artwork, release date, and more info will follow in the next weeks.

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